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In this panel gathers together all of the statistics related to sending messages.

At the top is an overview of the total messages sent, broken down by channel.

At the centre there is a chart, divided for the week. The various colors represent the channels and the columns are the numbers of the send for that channel in a given week.

Below you can find all the sent messages, the channel belongs to, the creation date, last return, and the total number of messages, with a report that shows the numbers of open messages or failed.


In the Account panel you can check the credits and verify the activities and costs incurred for each send, with the respective total spent.

From here you can recharge your account clicking on the Account Refill. the cutting of the charge from which to choose will be from 25€, 50€ or 100€.

The amount will be charged to the same card or PayPal account associated with your subscription.

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