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By going to Settings , you can configure a language for those users who come from a country for which it has not been possible to indicate the language.

Example: If you set a message in English and in Italian language, the message will be delivered in the appropriate language based on the one defined by the user. However, if a user has defined the French language, this setting provides us with the opportunity to indicate in which language the user will see the message.

You can also set the mail box default with which you want to send the email to its customers, also indicating a name, or a title that will be shown as the Sender of the email.

You can also change your phone number by inserting in its place a name that will appear at the time of receipt of the sms.

The last section provides tools to upload an icon that will be visible when the user browses the site. By setting the active Status, the user will come to the site, it will display a pop-up at the top containing the icon set up previously, and the text entered in the Message Subscription, the text for the button of rejection and acceptance.

Those who register and activate PUSH notifications to the browser, they will view a notification in the lower right that will contain the Title of the message, after the acceptance and the Text of the message, accompanied by the icon.

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