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Congrats, you have made your first access to Tapiocan.com!

Now you can choose one of the many templates available, creating by our designers.

The template is a model used for the design of the website. With Tapiocan you can choose between hundreds of high quality models and find the one that best represents your business. Some example: select Restaurant if you are a restauranteur, cafe Roma if you have a bar, Fashion if you're into fashion and clothing, Portfolio if your goal is to present work or projects related to your profession.

To see a preview of the templates available, please visit our page Template.

Customizing the Template is simple: select one of the Apps present in your editor. In this way, it will appear in the Edit toolbar that will allow you to insert your content and customize the App.

You are not satisfied with template you have chosen? To change it, sign in to the site management present at your right hand, icon wheel.

Scroll down the right sidebar to view the entire list of templates. Click on the template and starts working on your site!

To know: If you want to create you a template for your site, you can choose a blank page and give free rein to your creativity, and your creativity. Another alternative to the template is the exclusive Import feature from Facebook that captures from your personal profile or your Fan Page, the images most beautiful and the most relevant information, by transferring in a few seconds on your website.

Have you tried to modify a template, and the result is not what you were hoping?

Try one of our other models! From the management panel to your right, click on the icon wheel, and then on Templates. In this way you will be able to start from scratch and select a new template.

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