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With Tapiocan, creating a website for a hotel, B&B or holiday home is very simple: thanks to our advanced booking system, you can receive reservations from all parts of the world and manage any customer request: room reservations, services, spa, restaurant and what else your facility offers. To create your booking site, follow our simple guide.

4 simple steps are enough to start creating the website of your accommodation facility.

After clicking on the booking component, click on Manage booking ; now start creating your structure:

1: Enter the general information of your structure: name of your accommodation and address of your structure.

2: Set the seasons of your calendar, in this way you can manage the prices of reservations: for example, define the periods of high, low or medium season. Tick Appellant to assert seasons for all years. You can change the season by clicking on the "stylus" icon and delete it by clicking on the "trash can" icon.

3: Add the services offered by your structure (for example, minibar, safe, etc.), choose whether to make it free or paid. In the latter case, add the price, define whether it is applied to room or person and the validity, per night or for the entire booking period. Click on the stylus icon to edit or the trash icon to delete.

4: Set and customize your property's general rules :

  • Check-in time slot and check-out time slot
  • Type of payment
  • Costs for tourist tax and any other additional costs.

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