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Within your area of work, you can sovrapprorre the components one above the other, to create elements more visually interesting: for example, you can add a rectangle and put above it an image and a text.

Imagine your workspace as a work floor: if supported on the table, a white sheet and a photograph, the image will not be visible. This is why it is important to learn to manage the order of the components, with the capabilities Port Forward and Port back, both selectable by clicking with the right mouse button on the component you want to move.

Every component in a page has its own position, as a list: clicking on the Door next, the component takes the first position, i.e. in front of all the others; wherever they are moved around on the page, will never be covered by another element.

If you select instead brings back the component will be brought to the last position of the page.

To have full control of all the components of your page, you should use and familiarize yourself with the functionality and advanced Levels.

You can activate the levels from the Management of the Site, to the right, and going to the Advanced settings.

The layers panel allows you to get to know some important information about your applications and perform specific actions.

You will be able to:

  • To know the name of the component (useful if you want to add a link to another element on the same page, with the option shakes up to).
  • Properly order the components of your page by dragging the field component towards the top and towards the bottom directly from the Layers panel.
  • To appoint the members by clicking twice on the field from the Layers panel.
  • Hide a component from the page by clicking on the eye icon.
  • To find the components: in fact, clicking on a field from the layers panel, you'll be transported to the exact location of the component.

Important: if a component does not perform the action that you assigned, such as, for example, the link on a button or on a menu, checks that there is another component overlay, maybe with a transparency.

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