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Catalogs are used to have different prices on the same products on different pages of the site, useful for example if your ecommerce sells with prices to individuals on a specific page, and with a different price aimed at companies on another page.

To this end, it might be useful to upload a catalog, with different prices.

To do this, just click on the Catalogs item in the Ecommerce Manager and then on the Create Catalog button.

The first step is to give a name to the catalog, so as to find it when we want to make it visible in a product screen, and then click on the Edit Product List button.

Once the list of products to be included in this catalog has been selected, all that remains is to change the price in one of the following ways:

1. Vary the price of the products individually

2. Vary the price of the catalog with respect to the list price of the products, in bulk by clicking on the "Apply a price change" button, thus determining a change in euros or as a percentage of the price on the entire catalog.

From the Products Screen component, by going to Settings it will be possible to filter the products based on the products indicated in the catalog.

Click on Filter by Catalog and select the catalog you want to show the price list.

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