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Each portion of the text on your website can be linked to a different page, to an external website or to another App on the same page, as of yet.

Double-click on the App-text: in the top you will see the toolbar customization.

Click on the icon chain to access the panel of the Link:

  • Linking to an existing page of the website, you can create a link to another page of your website.

Click on advanced Options for other types of links:

  • ​Connect the text to an external link, or to another web site
  • In a mail so that all users who have configured an email client such as Outlook, Mail or Thunderbird, they can immediately contact you via your e-mail address
  • Scroll up to the App present on the same page. In this case, you will need to select, from the list, the App to use as the anchor of your link. I advise you to use the functionality Levels to quickly find the right App.

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