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If you have encountered a reconnection error while accessing your editor, it is possible that there is some setting on your network or browser that does not allow connection to your workspace.

The causes of the problem can be many but most of the cases are represented by the presence of extensions of the browser in use or by an incorrect configuration of the DNS records.

Browser Extensions such as AdBlock, AdGuard, uBlock, etc.

Some extensions that can be added browsers, such as Chrome, can have the function of blocking various advertisements or popups, but they could also cause a problem accessing your editor: to verify the problem, you can try to browse your website using a Tab in Incognito available from the control bar of the browser in use.

To browse incognito and verify the problem:

  • Click on the Chrome's browser management button, marked by the icon with three vertical dots, present on the right of the browser bar;
  • Click on New Incognito window.
  • Go to our site and log into your account.

With incognito navigation, none of the extensions in your browser will be active. If you have managed to access your workspace, it is very likely that the problem is due to one of the extensions.

To remove or disable one of the extensions present on Chrome:

  • Click on the Management button of the Chrome browser, marked by icon with three vertical dots, present on the right of the browser bar
  • Position the mouse on the item Other tools and, from the drop-down menu, select Extensions
  • From the Extensions tab, click on Remove to delete the extension or on the blue activator to the right of each extension to disable it.

After disabling or removing an extension, restart Chrome and try to log in again.

Wrong DNS configuration

If you purchased the PRO service of your site with DNS service and therefore the domain you are using has been registered with an external provider, it is possible that the DNS configuration was not performed correctly.

I remind you that the DNS configuration of your domain must contain all the records indicated in our guide, Set DNS Records, and that the reconnection problem is often caused by an error in A or in the CNAME Records.

You can check for DNS pointing errors by opening a new tab and looking for your domain with and without www (i.e. you will have to search for your domain such as and

To check the current configuration of your DNS

records, you can PING the domain using the Command Prompt on your PC or using an online service as

To verify on the online service that the DNS records are correct, you will need to enter your domain name in the IP / Hostname fields (for example and then repeat the operation by entering the name of your domain including www. (for example

In both cases, the IP address of the record must be, as shown in the two images. If you find a different IP address on at least one of the two hostnames, you will need to reconfigure the DNS records by accessing the configuration panel DNS of your current provider.

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